Tuesday, December 6, 2011

2011 Xbox 360 Dashboard Review (and other things)

     Hallerrr. I finally have recieved my new Xbox 360 Dashboard and I have my likes and dislikes. For the hundreds who are asking at this very moment. No, YouTube is not on the new dash yet. It will be in a matter of weeks. Same for many other apps. So stop asking.
     Anyways, I do like the new look and feel of the dashboard. The layout is simpler to navigate around like Microsoft promised. Epix is on there, though it requires a subscription to view any movies on. Same for Hulu Plus and Netflix. Other than the look, cloud storage, beacons, and a few new apps here and there, the dashboard has not really changed all that much. I like it, better than the old one, but it wasn't as great as everybody (including myself) expected. I do not have a Kinect (sold mine) so I could not test how well it works with the dash, so you're going to have to find out yourself. The new Netflix layout is alright, I guess. I prefer the old one, to be honest. Facebook, Avatar Editor, and Twitter are all the same (at the moment). And yes your original themes you purchased are completly compatible with the new layout so don't worry your pretty nerdy, cheap ass little heads about it. :p.
     All in all. I like the new dashboard, though it did not live up to my expectations I prefer it over the original (except for Netflix >_<). I will give it an 8/10. But this is all my opinion. If you want to see for yourself, do so!
     Anyways this is DawnAscendance from DawnProductions OUT!

New Xbox 360 Dashboard Release Today!

     Hey guys. Me again. I have been eagerly awaiting the release of the new xbox 360 dashboard and the day has finally come! I got up at 10am this morning and before even my coffee and cigarette, I immediatly turn on my xbox and wait for 10 minutes for the update to pop up on my screen. But nothing came.
     In a rage, I went online and spent about an hour searching for a reason why I have not recieved it and lookie here, Major Nelson posted on his Twitter that the dashboard release has been slightly delayed. :(. But he has been on top of the situation and promises an update on it sometime this afternoon. I am slightly peeved that they could not release it on time, but hey, its free. And things happen. Oh well. Here my assumption though: They will most likely be releasing the update before 6pm. Anytime after would just be not right, even to them. If they are unable to release it before that time. They will most likely release it first thing tomorrow morning. I was looking forward to this update as much as you guys, but what can you do. it will come soon, though. I assure you.
     In the meantime, I'm going to be releasing some information regarding the features of the new "Metro" Dashboard.
     More bad news for this though. In the update today (or possibly tomorrow), there will be no YouTube, and not much live TV. No HBO GO, not as much as we expected. But YouTube and some more live TV is coming later this month and eveything else. Early 2012. But it will all eventually come soon. I now have my facebook page up so I will be posting statuses regarding any news for the dashboard release on that. Stay tuned. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Xbox-Fanatic/230383430364170?skip_nax_wizard=true


     Hey guys. I'm DawnAscendance from Dawn Productions on YouTube. I make machinimas and music videos. I also have another blog on here for my YouTube subscribers. www.dawnascendance1.blogspot.com. Give it a look.
     Now that thats out of the way, I'll give you guys a little rundown on why I made this blog and what it's all about! I am tired of having to google everything just to get some info about video games; such as releases, status updates, leaks, news and other annoying situations. So I decided to make a blog of just that!. And I also will be doing some short messages about music releases. Like albums and singles, and other things. I will also be soon making a facebook account for this. I will be making posts every time I hear a bit of exiting news regarding xbox and the video games related to it. I am looking forward to beginning to share news with you guys. Whenever I have the facebook up and running, I will let you guys know!